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Meet Our Homeowners

Everyone has a story and our stories, together, create a powerful force for change. Each one of our incredible Habitat Homeowners fought hard, worked tirelessly, and devoted everything they had to achieve their dream of home ownership, and a better future for their families. 


Here are just a few of their stories... 

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Tiffany Mejia

“My daughter and I have lived with my family for many years and we are very grateful for them, but this is our first chance to really have a home and a life of our own. To me, being a Habitat homeowner means independence. It means being able to say “Those are MY keys in the front door” to be proud of something that I’ve worked so hard for."


Natalie Kinscy

Natalie put in the incredibly hard work of becoming a Habitat Homeowner. Her daughter Amiyah now live in their new home together, as they look forward to building their future together.


Christina with daughter.jpeg

Christina Carbajal

“Habitat means a lot to me and my children. It is such a blessing to be able to partner, to have a place to call our own, for new beginnings, and to be able to make new memories together. Habitat provides a safe and stable home for my children and a new start for us as a family.

Shannon and Neriah (2).jpg

Shannon Ligon

"To me, Habitat homeownership means stability and peace of mind for me and my daughter. It is a new beginning for us and provides me with the strength to keep growing as a mom and as an individual – as I continue to reach for my dreams.”

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