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Volunteer With Us 

West Orange Habitat for Humanity relies heavily on the generosity of volunteers in order to reach our goal of providing shelter to those in need. There are many opportunities to get involved with us!

If you are interested in lending a hand or have questions about volunteering with us, please fill out the volunteer interest form below. Volunteer opportunity descriptions can be found underneath the interest form.


ready to volunteer?

Construction Group/ Corporate Builds


Get your team involved with West Orange Habitat! Volunteering together to help build a home is a uniquely rewarding and meaningful team building experience for any organization. 


Team Build days are designed to improve employee morale through a full and inspirational day on the construction site, which is one reason why Corporate, Church or Group. Team Builds are among the most popular volunteer opportunities for groups. Volunteers must be 17 or older.

Our store provides an additional revenue stream to build homes. We always welcome donations of furniture, home decor, appliances, building materials, garden supplies, cabinets, and lighting.

If you would like to become a weekly ReStore volunteer, please send our Volunteer Manger an email at

If interested in volunteering or scheduling a donation pick up, please contact the ReStore directly at 407-905-0406 or email

Individual/Group Build Day 

Volunteering on our construction site is a great way to get involved and have a lot of fun! Opportunities are available on weekdays or occasionally on weekends.

Please note that you must be at least 17 years old to volunteer on a construction site.

Committee Membership

The construction site is where the tangible work of West Orange Habitat moves forward, but no house comes out of the ground without lots of effort behind the scenes.

West Orange Habitat has six committees which divide the various duties and responsibilities of the organization.


Committees are composed of board members as well as other volunteers who possess various skill sets. Members of the community who are able to commit to attending regular meetings are encouraged to join a committee that sparks their interest!

Third-party Event Application 

access form here:

Would you like to raise money for West Orange Habitat for Humanity through your own event, such as a car wash, golf-tournament, etc.?


Please fill out the third-party event application form (below) prior to your event for approval. Thank you for your support!

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