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Habitat for Humanity's daily work happens on and off the construction site. You or your group can make our work easier through your in-kind donations for construction, family services, office operations or for our ReStore. Take a look and see how you or your group can help us to better serve our community. 

Save even more on items you purchase online by using: , a free tool that compares prices among various retailers to ensure you are getting the best deal possible while supporting West Orange Habitat for Humanity at the same time.



  • Cleaning supplies (Febreze, Windex, Pledge, hand sanitizer)

  • Minor repair tools (screwdrivers, hammers, mallets, staple guns/staples)

  • Cleaning tools (push broom, mop/bucket, long-handled squeegee, hand brushes)

  • Store décor (artificial plants, area rugs, centerpieces)

  • Paper supplies (paper towels, toilet tissue, furniture wipes)

  • Flatbed trailer & box truck

  • Forklift & pallet jack

  • Packing materials, twine, and rope


  • Fire extinguishers

  • Cases of bottled water

  • Harness Fall Protection Kits

  • Heavy Duty Industrial Desktop Stapler (not a staple gun)

  • 10' x 10' Portable shade structure

  • 24" or 36" portable cooling Fan

  • Wall walker scaffold for fall protection

  • Wireless surveillance camera

  • 3/4 ton Pickup truck

  • 16' double axle enclosed trailer

  • Laptop

  • 3 Tablets or ipads (electronic sign in) 

Office Operations:

  • Office supplies: copy paper, file folders, poster board, free printing.

  • Trash bags (tall and kitchen)

  • Ink cartridge for Toshiba estudio-3005ac

  • #10 plain white envelopes

  • Ice machine

Homeowner Services:

  • Individually bagged child-friendly snacks and drinks (Goldfish, pretzels, fruit snacks, juice boxes)

  • Gift cards ($5, $10, $15, $20)

Events and Meetings:

  • Paper plates, cups, plasticware

  • Tablecloths

  • Gift cards for grocery stores

  • Rolling cart

  • Quart/gallon zip lock bags

  • Chaffing dishes for full-sized food trays

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